Learn How Best To Protect Your Floors

Prioritize your Floor’s protection

It is easy for a large party, roughhousing children, or a cute but troublesome pet to damage your floors. You can take steps to keep your floors looking beautiful, no matter when they are exposed to an event or daily occurrence.

Perfect Your Floor Care Routine

You can do a few things regularly to keep your floors looking good and protected. Despite its obviousness, cleaning is essential. You should vacuum, mop, dust, and sweep your floors weekly to keep them clean. The best way to prevent dirt and dander from entering the house at the front door is to place a doormat at the entryway, along with a sign that says, “No shoes beyond this point. ” Other ways of protecting floors include placing floor sliders underneath furniture.

Your Cleaning Products Matter

Cleaning supplies are crucial, no matter what. Whether you see a commercial for it, see it on sale, or use it because your mother does, it’s easy to pick out cleaning supplies blindly. The cleaning product you are using might do more harm than good if it isn’t recommended for the floors. It is also important to read the ingredients to ensure your warranty won’t be ruined.

Make Your Next Move Smooth For You And Your Floors

The process of moving can be stressful. Finding a new home and settling into your new place is exciting, but the actual move itself isn’t all that enjoyable. Additionally, hardwood floors can be damaged during a move. Fortunately, a product on the market can help prevent potential damage to your floors. Plastic mats with shock-absorbing properties are a good option. It is common to find them in rolls and to have them cut to size. A cardboard box and red rosin paper can also be used to protect your floors. Furthermore, furniture and heavy items should never be dragged across the floor.

Bring In The Professionals

The best way to protect your floors is to keep them clean, and as previously mentioned, part of keeping your floors clean is calling in professionals. It is a great idea to steam your carpet once a year and re-seal hardwoods, laminates, LVP, and tile once a year to keep them cleaner and longer lasting. In addition to waxing your floors, you can protect them from scratches, nicks, and spill stains by getting them professionally cleaned. Some people consider refinishing hardwood floors or laminating floors by a professional regularly, but this is only necessary if the floors are not well taken care of. If you seal or finish your floors, consult your flooring warranty first so as not to void it.

When In Doubt, Ask An Expert

New Elite Floors USA’s floors come with one of the best warranties in the industry, so you should never use solutions or products that could void the warranty. Ask an expert at your local New Elite Floors USA if you have questions about your warranty or which products to use.

Visualize Your Flooring Dreams

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