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What Are The Best Flooring Types For Kids?

Choosing the right flooring for your home is critical, whether you’re expecting a first baby or already have a few little ones. As a homeowner, you likely care about maintaining a safe and durable home. All of these issues can be addressed with many flooring options.

Spill-Proof Simplicity

Installing luxury vinyl and laminate flooring in kitchens and other areas with a lot of foot traffic is a good idea. Besides being scratch-resistant, waterproof, and durable (hello, wipe-able surfaces! ), luxury vinyl and laminate floors are also affordable, making them an ideal choice for young families. The Downs H2O brand, for example, offers kid-proof and waterproof vinyl. What’s the advantage? The vinyl and laminate styles have progressed significantly since they were introduced in the 1970s and 1980s. Luxury vinyl and laminate flooring can be found at stores such as Flooring America, which replicate the look of hardwood, stone, and concrete, not like your grandmother’s kitchen.

Hardwood Floors: Elegant and Family-Friendly

For young families, though, real hardwood floors are still one of the best options. Many of today’s hardwood floors, such as Aquadura H2OTM, are scratch-resistant and waterproof, even if soccer cleats and scooters run wild. In addition to luxury vinyl, if you want the look of hardwood, you might also consider luxury vinyl. The look of real hardwood floors can be amazingly replicated with luxury vinyl floors, such as Galvanite. These floors recreate the appearance of grain and variations in colors and textures. Hardwood flooring is always an attractive option if it’s your dream.

Don’t Count Out Tiles.

While ceramic or porcelain tiles may seem like a wrong choice for kids because of their hardness and slippery nature, they are more durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. Even though ceramic and porcelain tile might not be the best choice for a playroom, they are perfect for children’s bathrooms, thanks to their fun colors and patterns.

Comfortable Carpet

New Elite Floors USA is all aware that little kids tend to tumble over—quite a bit. Even though kids are rarely the ones to spill things, they are still known for dropping things frequently: toys, pets, juice glasses, you name it. Compared to hardwood flooring or tile, carpet is much more affordable. In a carpeted living room, a wipeout is usually not a big deal, which makes the carpet a safe and excellent choice for your young family. Additionally, carpet flooring options today come in both stain-resistant, and fade-resistant styles, such as Innovia Xtreme Clean TM carpet and Tigressá Cherish carpet flooring, making carpeting a no-brainer for kids’ playrooms, nurseries, and bedrooms. With carpet, you can be sure your children are safe, and now that it is easy to clean, it is a hard choice.

Quick Solutions For Fast-Growing Kids

In reality, kids grow up rather quickly, so you need flooring solutions that are quick and easy to install. You might want to consider laying down play carpet or rubber mats if your child starts crawling and the tiles seem to be a danger zone. Children’s playrooms can also be customized with foam tiles or activity rugs, which are easy to clean and can be changed as your child grows so that the room can be transformed into a more grown-up environment. Playtime and naptime can both be made more comfortable with floor mattresses.

Need Help With Kid-Friendly Flooring?

It is everyone’s dream to have a home where all family members feel safe and happy. You can rely on the experts at New Elite Floors USA to help you with anything from creating a nursery to renovating a den or playroom for your kids. Choosing kid-friendly flooring is one of our specialties, so you can focus on making memories.

Visualize Your Flooring Dreams

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